March 29, 2013

march favorites

What I've been loving this month!
Jimmy Fallon. my many all-nighters during this month allowed me to watch a lot of Jimmy Fallon. he's my favorite! i even own this

Starburst jelly beans. i have to get these every easter. they're the only jelly beans i like!

Rose gold. i'm obsessed with anything that comes in a rose gold color. 

Jimmy Kimmel. i went through a phase of watching Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon back to back every night. i had never watched Kimmel before, but i was pleasantly surprised.

Girl Scout cookies. i may have shed a small tear when i finished off my very last samoa/caramel delight cookie. 

Maybelline: The Rocket mascara. my new favorite! 

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. i read the book before seeing the movie, and of course the book is always better.
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