February 20, 2013


Spring Break is just a few weeks away! I know a lot of people are traveling to warmer locations for the week, and I am so jealous! I'm not going anywhere special, but I'm really looking forward to the time off from school. I'll be spending the week at home catching up on TV, sleeping late, and taking advantage of some home cooked meals! I'm planning myself a wonderful staycation! If you're staying home like me, here are some ideas for your own staycation.

1. Read a book. A little vacation is the perfect time to finally read that book you've been thinking about! If you don't have any ideas, I suggest A Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

2. Watch TV. This is the perfect time to catch up on the TV shows that you missed because of school. No TV shows to catch up on? Make Netflix your best friend! Find a good show and have a marathon. 

3. Go shopping! Take a trip to a special mall or shopping outlet that is out of your normal range.

4. Make some food. Whether you like to cook or bake, use the extra time to try out a new recipe! Pinterest is a great place to get some ideas. 

5. Watch a movie. Go out to see a movie at the theater or rent one for your own movie night at home

6. Work on that bucket list! Be adventurous, and cross some items off your bucket list.

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