January 28, 2013

winter blues

It's easy to get stuck in a winter rut or fall under the January blues. Especially if you have winter weather lasting until March. Going out in the frigid temperatures, fighting miserable colds, and thinking about the long winter months ahead can really add up. But don't think like that! You can turn that attitude and destructive mindset around with things as simple as some new nail polish. Here's my advice for beating the winter blues or just starting fresh with the new year. 

1. Change your nail polish. Use a bright or daring color that you don't normally wear. I suggest a neon pink or bold navy polish

2. Change the wallpaper background on your computer or phone. A new image will brighten your day!

3. Start a new book. I suggest Divergent by Veronica Roth or Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.

4. Clean out your closet. Take out anything you haven't worn in the past year and donate it. 

5. Change your hair. This one can be as subtle or dramatic as you like. Chop off your long locks, cut some bangs, or add layers. Change the color, add some ombre to the ends, or get highlights. 

6. Start watching a new show. Find one of those shows on Netflix with all the season available to marathon. I suggest One Tree Hill, Parks and RecDesperate Housewives or How I Met Your Mother.

7. Try a new cereal! Changing your everyday cereal or breakfast items can help to switch up your morning routine and start the day off fresh. 

8. Rearrange your furniture! I love doing this because it always feels like a whole new room.

9. Change your phone case. Something new to look at everyday!

10. Buy new shoes. A great pair of new shoes can really change your attitude for the better. 

11. Embrace winter! Act like a kid again and go outside to play in the snow. Build a snowman or go sledding. Buy a bright scarf or hat to wear!

12. Listen to a new CD. I suggest + (deluxe version) by Ed Sheeran, Overexposed by Maroon 5, Some Nights by Fun., Red by Taylor Swift, or Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

13. Change your bedding. Sometimes a new set of sheets or switching the duvet cover is all you need!

14. Retail therapy. No explanation needed. 

15. When all else fails, plan something fun like a vacation or party for the summer. It will give you something to plan and look forward to until the weather starts to warm up. 

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