December 3, 2012

study buddy

With finals week quickly approaching, I thought today would be a good day to share a great study tool. For the past few years I've been using Quizlet for all of my studying. I love it! Users can make flashcard sets and categorize them by subject and specific class. So if you have an exam in ENG 101, it's easy to search for your specific ENG 101 at your school. If you're lucky, someone from your class has already made a flashcard set of notes for your exam! If not, make your own and be sure to add it to the class page so others can study with it too. After making the set, there are a variety of ways to quiz yourself. There are games to help you learn the notes and then tests to evaluate. The tests can be fill in the blank, multiple choice, matching, or a combination of all three. I usually just run through my flashcard sets with a multiple choice test a few times, and it really helps me memorize everything. Be sure to try this out when studying for finals!

Check out the quizlet app for easy studying on the go!

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