October 3, 2012

heart like mine

I saw this pin on pinterest and was inspired to make my own heart garland! I love the idea of stringing hearts across my dorm wall, but I wanted to customize mine. I chose to use the same glitter from this DIY project. 

I started by creating a heart shape (I made mine about 4.5" tall and 4" wide) in Microsoft Word. I printed and cut out 15 hearts on card stock paper. Then I made a mixture of about 2 parts glitter & 1 part mod podge and used a foam brush to paint the hearts. Once dry, I stacked all of my textbooks on top of the hearts to flatten them. Finally, I made two small holes at the top and threaded the string through all of the hearts. I used these Command Clear Decorating Clips to hang the garland on my wall.

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