October 1, 2012

dorm decor : part three

Dorm rooms usually have a bright fluorescent light and a cold tile floor. The lighting isn't horrible, but it definitely doesn't give a home-y feel to the room. This last part of my "dorm decor" series focuses on lighting and fabric ideas!

1. Floor lamp. A floor lamp is the easiest way to make a dorm feel home-y. They are pretty cheap in the back-to-school sections of stores and will make a huge difference in the dorm room!

2. Curtains. Curtains are a great way to add color to a dorm room. If curtains in the desired color are too expensive, look at shower curtains instead. A shower curtain is usually cheaper and not much different than regular curtains. No cute curtains or shower curtains to decorate the window? Make your own from a set of bed sheets!

3. Chinese lanterns. Chinese lantern lights or other types of backyard string lights are perfect for dorm accent lighting. They look cute and provide a decent amount of atmosphere light. Hang them on the underside of a lofted bed or above a futon. 

4. Pillows. Pillows are another way to add color and texture. Get some cute pillows to put on a bed or futon. No cheap, cute pillows? Make your own! It's a really easy trip to the craft store and a simple sewing job. Also, body pillows are a good idea for separating a bed from cold walls. 

5. Christmas lights. Christmas lights are probably the most popular way to decorate/light a dorm room. Hang them around the window, along the walls, or under a lofted bed. 

6. Rugs & carpet. Prevent cold feet! Get a big, colorful rug to lay in the middle of the room. This adds color and comfort to the dorm. If the dorm dimensions are known, go to home depot and check out their giant rolls of carpet. This carpet can be cut to the size of the dorm room. I did this for my room, and I am so happy that I did!

7. Shower curtain. This applies to any students with suite-style bathrooms. Switch out the school's plain shower curtain for a colorful one. It will make a gross bathroom look a lot better. 

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