September 19, 2012

glitter in the air

Going along with monday's dorm decor: part one post, this is a simple DIY to personalize a dorm room. I saw multiple blog/videos/pins on this and knew I had to include it in my dorm this year. It is a glitter vase that can be used to hold pens & pencils, makeup brushes, flowers, etc. It can be the perfect accessory for a school desk or coffee table. I love mine!

To start, use an old 3-wick candle from Bath and Body Works. To get rid of the remaining wax at the bottom, pour hot water in to the vase. Then cut the wax with a knife and it will come out easily. When the vase is clean and dry, use a foam brush to coat the entire inside of the vase with mod podge. Pour a generous amount of glitter in the vase and roll it around until the glitter completely covers the inside. Turn over the vase and tap it a few times over some paper to get rid of any loose glitter. Sit the vase upside-down on some paper and let dry for a few hours. Done!


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