September 17, 2012

dorm decor : part one

Most dorm rooms are extremely plain and have a lot of limitations when it comes to decorating. Over the summer I spent some time on pinterest and blogs trying to brainstorm different ways to decorate my dorm. I've collected some really great ideas and used a lot of them in my room this year. Part 1 of this series includes simple, quick ways to personalize a dorm room. 

1. Decorate the door. A great way to personalize a room is by decorating the outside of the door. Tape up some pictures of friends, roommates, favorite places, quotes, etc. Get creative by using pattern duct tape, tulle, or even wrapping paper. 

2. Dry erase board. Dry erase boards are perfect for keeping track of assignments or leaving messages for friends. They come in all different colors and shapes. They even have dry erase boards stickers, so they can stick straight to dorm walls and won't ruin the paint. 

3. Magnets. Most students have a mini fridge in their dorm room. An easy way to add color is by using some magnets. Magnets come in all different patterns, colors, and shapes. 

4. Cork board. Use a favorite color ribbon to turn it into a memory board and fill with pictures. Use colorful push pins to post important papers, ticket stubs, postcards, etc. I did this with my cork board last year and again this year. 

5. Table art. Ikea has some really nice, cheap side/coffee tables. Buy a pack of colorful (or metallic) sharpies and decorate the table. It's a cheap table so don't worry about drawing all over it. It will look cool when it's covered in sharpie!

6. Chalkboard. With chalkboard paint, anything can be turned into a chalkboard. Take any large picture frame and paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Then spray paint the frame with a color to match the room. 

Stay tuned for more "dorm decor" posts!


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