September 28, 2012

september favorties

What I've been loving this month!

RUNAWAYS. A youtube web-series that premiered earlier this month. There are 7 short episodes in the first season and they are really good! I couldn't stop watching and I can't wait for season 2!

Charity Vance. She made it to hollywood week during season 9 of American Idol. Since then, she has released many songs on iTunes. Her voice is so unique and amazing. I've been listening to her songs all month!

Imagine Dragons. I love their songs! And I love that their song is in the trailer for The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie.

Boy Meets World. I have morning classes every day. Luckily, abcfamily plays five episodes of Boy Meets World every morning! I watch a few episodes every day while i'm getting ready for class. I love it! Definitely makes it easier to wake up so early.

My Best Friend's Wedding. Abcfamily played a lot of good movies this month, and I watched all of them. I had never seen this one before, but I really liked it! I may have watched it multiple times in the past few weeks..

Raising Helen. Love this movie! Even though I've seen it a million times, I still watched it when abcfamily played it on TV. It's a good one. 

Pitch Perfect. I got to see an advanced screening of this movie at my school this month. It was so good! I was really impressed and it was so much better than I expected it to be. It's a really funny movie, and I recommend it!


September 26, 2012

purple paint

In monday's dorm decor : part two post, I suggested using paint chips to cover a dorm room wall. I did this in my room this year, and I get so many compliments! I definitely recommend this project. Here's how I did it!

For the few weeks leading up to school starting, I went to Home Depot every chance I got. I went straight to the paint department and picked up a stack of paint chips. I usually grabbed about 15 at a time since I didn't want to seem too obvious that I was stocking up on them. I chose to use Behr Premium Plus paint chip #690F. This card has 4 purple colors (Midsummer Dream, Purple Mauve, Wine Frost, and Indulgent) that give an ombre effect. Once I created a grid layout for the paint chips, I used Command hanging strips
to put them on the wall. I ended up using about 120 cards to create the color wall. I love the way it looks and the color it adds to my room!
What was I watching on TV? What I Like About You 

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Current obsessions:

Begin Again - TAYLOR SWIFT
Where Do You Want To Be - CHARITY VANCE

September 25, 2012


In yesterday's dorm decor : part two post, I suggested making an inspiration board to decorate a dorm room. I did this project in my room this year, and I really like how it looks so far! I started with a large cork board that came with the room. In the center, I placed a small school poster. Then I spent a lot of time searching the "quotes" category on pinterest and browsing tumblr pages. I printed out the ones that I liked and put them on the cork board around the school poster. If I came across a quote that I really liked but didn't like the format of the picture, I would just make my own image in Microsoft Word. I tried my best to fit the printed images together like a collage, but sometimes there were odd spaces left over. To fill the spaces and help the collage look full, I used some left over scrapbook paper. I really like how it turned out, and I will continue to build the collage as I find good quotes. Here are some pictures of my board so far!

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." 
-Robert Brault

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September 24, 2012

dorm decor : part two

A lot of schools don't allow anything permanent on the dorm walls. No nails, holes, paint, etc. This forces students to get creative with how they decorate the walls of their white dorm room. Here are some great, temporary wall decor ideas! (Most of these require Command hanging strips)

1. Posters. Find posters on amazon or at local stores to hang on the walls. They're big and colorful so they take away from a bright, white wall. It's also a great way to personalize the space with favorite movies, TV shows, celebrities, etc. 

2. Scrapbook paper. Go to a craft store and pick up a ton of scrapbook paper. There are so many different patterns, colors, textures, and prints of scrapbook paper that it is perfect for adding a color or theme to the room. Use poster hanging strips to cover the wall with the paper. I did this in my dorm room last year and we got so many compliments on it. 

3. Paint chips. This one is great because it's free. Go to any store that sells paint and pick up a bunch of paint swatches. Cover the walls with those paint swatches. This is a really easy way to add color and give the appearance of wallpaper or a painted wall. I did this in my room this year and I love it! Blog post here!

4. Decals. Wall decals can be purchased almost anywhere. Try a craft store, the home decor section at Target, or amazon. These are available as quotes, images, flowers, borders, etc. They are easy to stick on and take off at the end of the year without ruining the walls. We did this in my room last year and really liked how it turned out! 

5. Inspiration board. Spend some time on pinterest or tumblr to collect favorite quotes or inspirational images. Cut out pictures or titles from magazines. Put them all together in a giant collage on a wall, door, or cork board. I did this in my room this year! Blog post here

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September 19, 2012

glitter in the air

Going along with monday's dorm decor: part one post, this is a simple DIY to personalize a dorm room. I saw multiple blog/videos/pins on this and knew I had to include it in my dorm this year. It is a glitter vase that can be used to hold pens & pencils, makeup brushes, flowers, etc. It can be the perfect accessory for a school desk or coffee table. I love mine!

To start, use an old 3-wick candle from Bath and Body Works. To get rid of the remaining wax at the bottom, pour hot water in to the vase. Then cut the wax with a knife and it will come out easily. When the vase is clean and dry, use a foam brush to coat the entire inside of the vase with mod podge. Pour a generous amount of glitter in the vase and roll it around until the glitter completely covers the inside. Turn over the vase and tap it a few times over some paper to get rid of any loose glitter. Sit the vase upside-down on some paper and let dry for a few hours. Done!


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September 17, 2012

dorm decor : part one

Most dorm rooms are extremely plain and have a lot of limitations when it comes to decorating. Over the summer I spent some time on pinterest and blogs trying to brainstorm different ways to decorate my dorm. I've collected some really great ideas and used a lot of them in my room this year. Part 1 of this series includes simple, quick ways to personalize a dorm room. 

1. Decorate the door. A great way to personalize a room is by decorating the outside of the door. Tape up some pictures of friends, roommates, favorite places, quotes, etc. Get creative by using pattern duct tape, tulle, or even wrapping paper. 

2. Dry erase board. Dry erase boards are perfect for keeping track of assignments or leaving messages for friends. They come in all different colors and shapes. They even have dry erase boards stickers, so they can stick straight to dorm walls and won't ruin the paint. 

3. Magnets. Most students have a mini fridge in their dorm room. An easy way to add color is by using some magnets. Magnets come in all different patterns, colors, and shapes. 

4. Cork board. Use a favorite color ribbon to turn it into a memory board and fill with pictures. Use colorful push pins to post important papers, ticket stubs, postcards, etc. I did this with my cork board last year and again this year. 

5. Table art. Ikea has some really nice, cheap side/coffee tables. Buy a pack of colorful (or metallic) sharpies and decorate the table. It's a cheap table so don't worry about drawing all over it. It will look cool when it's covered in sharpie!

6. Chalkboard. With chalkboard paint, anything can be turned into a chalkboard. Take any large picture frame and paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Then spray paint the frame with a color to match the room. 

Stay tuned for more "dorm decor" posts!


September 3, 2012

we own the night

Here is the fall TV premiere schedule for this year! New shows are listed in bold.

Thursday Sept 6
- MTV Video Music Awards: 8pm mtv

Monday Sept 10
- The Voice: 8pm nbc

Tuesday Sept 11
- Go On: 9pm nbc (new time slot)
- The New Normal: 9:30pm nbc
- Parenthood: 10pm nbc

Wednesday Sept 12
- The X Factor (part 1): 8pm fox
- Guys With Kids: 10pm nbc

Thursday Sept 13
- The X Factor (part 2): 8pm fox
- Glee: 9pm fox

Friday Sept 14
- Shark Tank: 8pm abc
- Primetime: 9pm abc
- Grimm: 9pm nbc (new time slot)
- 20/20: 10pm abc

Saturday Sept 15
-Saturday Night Live: 11:30pm nbc

Monday Sept 17
- CMA Music Festival: 8pm abc
- Bones: 8pm fox
- The Mob Doctor: 9pm fox
- Revolution: 10pm nbc

Wednesday Sept 19
- Survivor: 8pm cbs

Thursday Sept 20
- Up All Night: 8:30pm nbc
- The Office: 9pm nbc
- Parks and Rec: 9:30pm nbc

Sunday Sept 23
- Primetime Emmy Awards: abc

Monday Sept 24
- DWTS: All-Stars: 8pm abc
- How I Met Your Mother: 8pm cbs
- Partners: 8:30pm cbs
- 2 Broke Girls: 9pm cbs
- Mike & Molly: 9:30pm cbs
- Castle: 10pm abc
- Hawaii Five-0: 10pm cbs

Tuesday Sept 25
- DWTS: All-Stars (results): 8pm abc
- NCIS: 8pm cbs
- New Girl (new episode): 8pm fox
- Ben and Kate: 8:30pm fox
- NCIS LA: 9pm cbs
- New Girl (official season premiere): 9pm fox
- The Mindy Project: 9:30pm fox
- Private Practice: 10pm abc
- Vegas: 10pm cbs

Wednesday Sept 26
- The Middle: 8pm abc
- Animal Practice: 8pm nbc (new time slot)
- Guys With Kids: 8:30pm nbc (new time slot)
- Modern Family: 9pm abc
- Criminal Minds: 9pm cbs
- Law & Order: SVU: 9pm nbc
- The Neighbors: 9:30pm abc
- CSI: 10pm cbs

Thursday Sept 27
- Last Resort: 8pm abc
- The Big Bang Theory: 8pm cbs
- Two and a Half Men: 8:30pm cbs
- Grey's Anatomy: 9pm abc
- Person of Interest: 9pm cbs
- Scandal: 10pm abc
- Elementary: 10pm cbs

Friday Sept 28
- CSI NY: 8pm cbs
- Kitchen Nightmares: 8pm fox
- Made In Jersey: 9pm cbs
- Fringe: 9pm fox
- Blue Bloods: 10pm cbs

Sunday Sept 30
- Once Upon a Time: 8pm abc
- The Amazing Race: 8pm cbs
- The Simpsons: 8pm fox
- Bob's Burgers: 8:30pm fox
- Revenge: 9pm abc
- The Good Wife: 9pm cbs
- Family Guy: 9pm fox
- American Dad: 9:30pm fox
- 666 Park Avenue: 10pm abc
- The Mentalist: 10pm cbs

Tuesday Oct 2
- Hart of Dixie: 8pm cw
- Raising Hope: 8pm fox

Wednesday Oct 3
- The Neighbors: 8:30pm abc (new time slot)
- Supernatural: 9pm cw

Thursday Oct 4
- 30 Rock: 8pm nbc

Sunday Oct 7
- America's Funniest Home Videos: 7pm abc
- The Cleveland Show: 7:30pm fox

Monday Oct 8
- 90210: 8pm cw
- Gossip Girl: 9pm cw

Wednesday Oct 10
- Arrow: 8pm cw
- Nashville: 10pm abc
- Chicago Fire: 10pm nbc

Thursday Oct 11
- The Vampire Diaries: 8pm cw
- Beauty and The Beast: 9pm cw

Wednesday Oct 17
- Suburgatory: 9:30pm abc

Friday Oct 19
- Whitney: 8pm nbc
- Community: 8:30 nbc (this premiere has changed)
- Emily Owens, M.D.: 9pm cw

Tuesday Oct 23
- Happy Endings: 9pm abc
- Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23: 9:30pm abc

Friday Oct 26
- Touch: 8pm fox

Thursday Nov 1
- CMA Awards: 8pm abc

Friday Nov 2
- Last Man Standing: 8pm abc
- Malibu Country: 8:30pm abc
- Shark Tank: 9pm abc (new time slot)

Shows returning midseason:
Smash, Celebrity Apprentice, Fashion Star, The Biggest Loser, American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, Undercover Boss, Rules of Engagement, Body of Proof, and Wife Swap.

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