August 10, 2012

traveling pants

I'm all finished with my summer classes, and now I have about 2 weeks before going back to school. This weekend I'll be driving up north to spend the week with my dad's side of the family. I'm so excited to finally be going on vacation! Even though I'll be out of town, I have some posts scheduled for next week. I hope you enjoy what I have planned!

Whether traveling by plane or car, the ultimate travel outfit is simple, cute and comfortable. Here are the basics for putting together a travel outfit!

1. basic t-shirt or tank. This comfy v-neck t-shirt is one of my favorites. 
2. jeggings, leggings, or shorts. check the weather and decide which is best.
3. cardigan or scarf. both very practical additions that can also add some color to the outfit.
4. casual bag and sandals. simple jewelry can also be added, but i usually like to travel without any!

some ideas:

travel outfit 1

summer travel 3

summer travel 5

summer travel 4


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