July 25, 2012

the color run

I did The Color Run! The Color Run is a 5K run/walk that's all about having fun. Runners wear white and get covered in different colors at each kilometer. At the end, runners can throw their own color packets and try to get the most color. It was a lot of fun, and I definitely recommend it!

The whole thing was very casual and fun. Pretty much everyone wanted group pictures and people were more than happy to take them for other people. Everyone was trying to get the most color, so the color areas got a little backed up but it wasn't an issue. After we finished, we headed to the park with the rest of the runners. Instead of going into the giant mob of people, we just threw our colors at each other. A lot of other groups were doing this too and we had fun with it. 

- wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
- bring a camera. just know that color will get EVERYWHERE, but it wiped off my camera really easily. you could also try covering it with plastic wrap or a ziplock bag.
- bring a towel and/or trash bags for the ride home. set them up in the car before you start the race. 
- don't be afraid to roll around on the ground to get more color. we did it. other people did it. 
- clear your schedule for the day. The color came out pretty easily, but just to be safe don't make important plans. 
- have fun!

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