July 9, 2012

my heart beats for love

Over the holiday, I did some tie-dying with my cousins and some friends. It was super hot outside, but we did it anyway. I love tie-dye because you can create ANYTHING! I decided to make a cropped heart t-shirt! Keep reading to learn how I made it. 

I started out with a v-neck t-shirt from the craft store and cut off the bottom 6-7 inches to make a cropped top. If you want, you can also cut around the collar for an 'off the shoulder' shirt. Fold the shirt in half down the middle and use a pencil to lightly draw half of a heart. Now fold the shirt accordion style along the line so that the line becomes straight. Place a rubber band at the pencil line. If that was confusing try reading this.

I chose to make the 'heart' a fuchsia color and dipped the rest of the shirt in some turquoise dye. 
Finished shirt!

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