July 20, 2012

gone to the beach

Everything you need for a trip to the beach or pool!
Beach Bag

1. Beach tote. Something cute to carry all of your things!
2. Flip flops. The only acceptable footwear at the beach/pool.
3. Water bottle. It is so important to stay hydrated when your spending a long time in the sun. 
4. iPod + headphones. I know that's an old iPod, but I couldn't find a good picture to use! Music or a good book is a must. 
5. Sunglasses. Protect your eyes from the sun!
6. Hand sanitizer. Germs are everywhere :o
7. Beach towel. Everyone needs a cute beach towel!
8. Lip balm. Lips can get sunburn too, so a good lip balm with SPF is important. 
9. Sunscreen. This Neutrogena one is my favorite for the face. For body sunscreen, I like the spray/mist kind. 
10. Hair ties. These ribbon hair ties can keep hair out of your face or look cute on your wrist! 
11. Snacks. This is one of my favorite snacks. They're perfect for traveling!
12. Gum. No one wants bad breath at the beach. 

Current obsessions:
Wipe Your Eyes - MAROON 5
You're the Reason (Acoustic Version) - VICTORIA JUSTICE

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