July 2, 2012

four in the morning

This is a great summer and/or second-day hairstyle that only takes a minute. The 4-strand braid works best with long hair and minimal layers. It's easier than you think! Keep reading to learn how to do the 4-strand braid. 
 separate into 4 sections. if there are layers, try to make sure long hair is in each section.
 Start with the outside section.
 The outside section is going to weave through the other strands. you can start weaving under strand #2 or over strand #2. it doesn't matter. continue weaving the first section over and under the remaining strands until it is the inside most section. Now strand #2 is the outside section. continue the weaving pattern just like you did with the first section. 
done! pull apart slightly for a messier, looser braid. 

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