June 25, 2012

minty makeup

To save some money on makeup, I decided to order the 'pan refill' eyeshadows instead of individual ones that come in cases. But then I had three eyeshadow pans and nothing to hold them. I decided to turn an Altoid tin into my own makeup palette! It was really simple and worked perfectly with the pans! 

This DIY makeup palette would also work for any depotted eyeshadows. Depotting is great for those makeup quads from the drugstore that really only have one or two good colors. Depotting allows you to pick your favorite colors and make your own palette! Search 'depot eyeshadows' on google or youtube for a tutorial. 

Here's how I made my DIY makeup palette:
spray paint a clean, empty Altoid tin. i chose black paint.
this step is optional. the eyeshadow pans can go straight in to the Altoid tin since they are already magnetized. since i wanted the pans to fit in to a grid of some kind, i used a foam sheet (from joann's). cut the foam sheet to the size of the altoid tin and then cut holes for the eyeshadow pans.
from here, i just wedged the foam sheet in the bottom of the tin and it stayed perfectly. 
you could also use a hot glue gun to make sure it is secure.
 finished product!

*the eyeshadows shown here are MAC: satin taupe, quarry, and naked lunch*

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