May 21, 2012

i'm fallin' in the ocean

During blogmas, I posted this picture of my pink dip dyed hair. I used soft pastels to create temporary hair color after seeing this post on The Beauty Department. Here's how I dip dye my hair!

1. Rembrandt soft pastels (found at most college book stores and on
2. spray bottle of water
3. hairdryer
4. comb
5. towel

This can be messy, so wash hands often and keep a towel nearby. Since the pastels leave my hair in kind of a weird texture, I like to use them only on my longest layer of hair. After sectioning out the longest layer, take a small section to begin coloring. Wet the bottom 2-4 inches of hair. If using more than one color, start with the lightest color on the entire 2-4 inches and then blend the darker color on the bottom half. Once the color is on the hair, gently comb through the section so that it doesn't dry stiff. While using the hairdryer, comb it out to get rid of excess color. If you want, use some light hairspray to lock in the color.

from left: 397.9 - 397.7 - 640.9 - 522.5 - 548.7 - 548.5

I used bluish green 640.9 and turquoise blue 522.5

Current obsessions:
Breathe Me - SIA
A Drop In the Ocean - RON POPE

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