November 13, 2011

Walking Home With The Snow

Winter is almost here!

In Michigan, winter is long and brutal. Especially after the excitement from the holidays has worn off. This year, I decided to make a winter bucket list to get the most out of the season.

1. Make a gingerbread house
2. See a play
3. Bake Christmas cookies
4. See Christmas lights
5. Build a snowman
6. Make a slushy out of snow
7. Go ice skating
8. Make Christmas Bread
9. Complete my Christmas movie list
10. Do a Christmas themed craft
11. Watch the Thanksgiving parade
12. Read a book
13. Christmas shopping
14. Learn a new piano song
15. Host a party
16. Movie marathon on a snowy day
17. Drink plenty of hot chocolate
18. Go sledding
19. Find a new holiday recipe
20. Plymouth ice festival
21. Make peppermint floats
22. Visit Grand Haven

I only have a week and a half until I go home for Thanksgiving break, and I can't wait! The long weekend will be so nice, and I can finally get into Christmas mode!

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