August 25, 2011

one two three

Three days. I can't believe I'm about to pack up my life and move away to school in three days. I've talked about it for months, but it wasn't until today that it actually started to feel real. For the past few days, I've made many trips to the store for last minute dorm shopping and worked on completing my August bucket list.

On tuesday, my mom and I got sundaes from McDonalds and watched Pretty Little Liars (#17)! I can't believe the next episode is the season finale already! My mom and I have watched the entire series together, and I'm not looking forward to watching the finale alone in my dorm room next week.

In June, my brother and I started watching Parks and Rec. For about two months, we would watch 3-4 episodes almost every night. Parks and Rec is such a funny show! If you don't watch it, you should. Anyway, this week we finally finished season three (#1)! I can't believe we watched three seasons in two months... It's a great show, and I will definitely be adding it to my fall TV schedule.

Also this week, my Sperry shoes came in (#3)! I had to order them last week because they didn't have my size at the store. Now I have some comfy shoes for walking around that huge campus!

Sorry I don't have any pictures for this post! I guess nothing was picture-worthy these past few days...

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