August 21, 2011

These Four Walls

I spent the last couple days thoroughly cleaning out my room (#16 on my August bucket list) to make space for my new furniture. I got a new dresser and upgraded to a full size bed! Since I have a very small room, I was worried about fitting a full size bed in there. But for some reason, my room actually feels bigger now with the new bed. Surprisingly, I LOVE the change, and it feels like I got to re-do my whole room!

During the clean out/give away/throw away process, I found a lot of interesting things. I was a very artsy kid, and I came across a lot of random drawings and craft projects. I miss those days when I would sit and draw for hours! I also found a ton of old birthday cards. I'm not sure why, but years ago I started saving my birthday cards and I'm really happy that I did. It's fun to read old cards and remember old times. I also found my favorite stretchy headband along with some other old favorites from my childhood!

My 5th grade t-shirt!
A large stack of Chuck E. Cheese tickets.
Back in late elementary/early middle school when I was obsessed with making floor plans.
My key chain that I thought I lost last summer. Found it!
Sticky notes. I love them. I bought this collection at Target last summer and I LOVE the colors! Especially because the turquoise color matches my room! I keep them on my night stand along with my favorite sharpie pen so I can write something down before I forget! Then, just like the picture shows, I post it to my headboard.

Current obsessions:
American Honey - LADY ANTEBELLUM
Stutter - MAROON 5

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