August 27, 2011

I Heart ?

With most of my friends either busy or already away at school, I was bored out of my mind last night. So I decided to get crafty. A few days ago, I went to Aerie and saw this cute key chain. Since they didn't have the color I wanted, I decided to make my own! It was really easy, and I already had all of the supplies at home!
start with a wire hanger.
bend the hanger into a heart (or whatever shape). use pliers to perfect the shape.

use wire cutters to cut the excess hanger.
use a hot glue gun to secure the center and prevent sharp edges against the fabric. i also used the wire cutter to mark up the wire and then spread some of the glue on the wire as grip for the fabric.

fabric of your choice. about 2 yards long and 1 inch wide.

find the middle of your fabric strip and start wrapping it at the center of the heart. continue wrapping down each side.

to avoid fraying, i folded the fabric strip in half lengthwise to give a clean edge.

at the end, tie the two strands together and trim excess fabric. for the fabric left hanging, use clear nail polish on the edges to avoid fraying.

final product!
i still need to buy the actual key chain for it, so right now i just have my other key chain looping through the heart.

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No Curtain Call - MAROON 5
I'd Rather Be With You - JOSHUA RADIN

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