August 15, 2011

All Summer Long

Where did the summer go?? I just realized I move away to school in only 13 days! How did this happen? I still have a lot of dorm shopping to do, and I am definitely not looking forward to packing up my room. There are still so many things I want to do before I leave, so I made a list of things to fill my next two weeks with. (in no particular order)

1. watch season three of Parks and Rec
2. make a brownie/cookie sundae
3. buy a pair of Sperry shoes
4. finish reading Something Borrowed, and then watch the movie
5. have a midnight snack
6. stargaze
7. have a bonfire and s'mores with friends
8. master my front/back handspring on the trampoline
9. watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie & A Cinderella Story
10. play badminton
11. make this pillow for my dorm
12. watch Music & Lyrics
13. make a video of my trip up north (watch here)
14. see Friends With Benefits
15. make this watermelon frosty
16. clean out my closet/room
17. get a hot fudge sundae from mcdonalds and watch Pretty Little Liars
18. go to Ikea!

What's on your August bucket list?

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